Itaparica Island - Brazil


    Itaparica region

Oficjalna strona regionu


Brazil covers almost half of the South American continent and it is bordered to the north, west and south by every country in South America, except Chile and Ecuador. To the east is the Atlantic Ocean.
Our exotic village of Itaparica is set on the island of Itaparica itself which is located in the State of Bahia in the north eastern region of the country.
Our village basks between a magnificent beach on one side and an artificial lake on the other, in its own tropical island paradise of lush vegetation and palm trees.
Here you can enjoy a fun-loving atmosphere and meet a cosmopolitan crowd of South Americans.
A multitude of sports are on the agenda and you might like to try your hand (or foot) at some of the particularly original landsports, including Argentinian paddle (a mixture of squash and tennis), flying the trapeze at the Circus School and of course the football is a must.



The most famous island in Bahia, Itaparica Island is divided into two Districts: Vera Cruz and Itaparica – which means “stone circle”. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and great natural tide pools in the Atlantic Ocean.

Itaparica boasts a beautiful tropical vegetation and a rich cultural and natural heritage. The beaches surrounding the 240 km2 of shoreline offer great diving, walks, horse riding, biking and kayaking, among other activities.